What makes us different?
A number of things seperate The Battery-free Wireless Light Switch from other wireless light switch products:


  • No batteries (Self-powered, never have a “dead” switch; never incur battery-replacement costs)
  • Long range (avg. 100 ft.)
  • High Quality (Factory tested for 200000 clicks of use)
  • Control a wide variety of devices (Not limited to just plug-in lamps)



The Battery-free Wireless Light Switch is the best solution for any light switch installation where running wires is difficult or expensive. Since the switch is wireless, it can be installed in minutes and it eliminates the need to cut holes into walls, install conduit, or fish wires.
The following devices can be controlled by The Battery-free Wireless Light Switch
  • Lights
  • Security systems
  • HVAC systems
  • Fans
  • Blinds
  • Lamps
  • Motors
  • Virtually any on/off device
The Battery-free Wireless Light Switch requires no batteries or wires because of a built in micro-generator that creates a small amount of electricity every time the switch is pressed. This converted energy is used to power a transmitter that sends radio signals to receivers.